Why Educators Blog

As I was searching for multiple administrators’ blogs, these three stood out.

The first is Johnathon Martin in the blog post titled, Why I Blog.

1. Johnathon Martin listed thirteen reasons that he as a principal blogs. As an experienced principal, I believe that all of these reasons are valuable. In fact, looking back, I would have loved to have had this tool. For example, he included to model learning, to share and to showcase his school. All are excellent reasons for using a blog. I suggest that principals and aspiring principals read his blog.

The second blog post I found is titled Is Blogging Really Worth It?

2. In “Is blogging really worth it”, this blogger uses multiple bloggers to explain the benefits of blogging. For example, Lyn uses blogging to help streamline communication among her staff. There were many others who submitted their purposes for blogging.

The third blog I discovered is titled Superintendent as Blog Leader.

3. Chris Kennedy is a superintendent that states that he, and other superintendents, blog for the same reasons as principals blog. He likes to relate to his community and to share “his schools’ stories in his own words. He also includes numerous links to other blogs that explain their thoughts on the use of blogging in education.


About Kathy Crates

I am a professor in the Department of Education at the U of F. I am a grandmother of five and I have the most intelligent and most beautiful grandchildren in all the world. I love the outdoors. I live on a farm with many animals; horses, ducks, geese, a miniature pig, and many dogs and cats.
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